Where Are The Cape Verde Islands?

Cape Verde Has Long Stretches of Sandy Beaches

Cape Verde Islands Have Long Stretches of White Sandy Beaches

Cape Verde Islands (Cabo Verde in Portuguese) are located in the North Atlantic Ocean, between the parallels 15 and 17 of latitude north, approximately 450km off the West Coast of Senegal and 1500 km south of the Canary Islands.

Lying on the same latitude as the Islands of the Caribbean, the ten Cape Verde Islands were formed by volcanic activity that projected the rock above the sea level. This volcanic rock dominates the landscape, ranging from gray to red. The slope of the sea near the islands is accentuated and the oceans reach a great depth within a short distance of the coastline. The tremendous power of the projected rock from the bottom of the ocean can be measured by the highest point of the islands, reaching 2.829 meters in the island of Fogo.

Tourism has become the main industry, with many foreign hotel groups investing in new hotels and resorts. The warm sunny weather, the friendly people and so many excellent sandy beaches, have attracted a growing number of tourists every year.

Cape Verde is divided into two groups; in the north is the Barlavento (Windward) group that includes the islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente, São Nicolau, Sal and Boa Vista while the southern Cape Verde group are called Sotavento (Leeward) which incorporates Brava, Fogo, Santiago and Maio islands.

With long stretches of white sandy beaches, rugged scenery, exotic cuisine and a climate reminiscent of the Caribbean, but only a 3 ½ flight from Lisbon or 5 ½ hours away from the UK, the islands have lots of surprises in store for its visitors to enjoy a warm Cape Verde Experience .

With no jet lag for European travelers (-1 hr GMT) there is no doubt that these islands, that are still relatively unknown and unexplored, are an excellent destination for a relaxing Cape Verde Holidays.

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