Cape Verde Weather

Lovely Cape Verde Beach Sunset

Lovely Cape Verde Beach at Sunset

The Cape Verde weather is excellent for beach and mountain holidays. Because they lie in the Trade Winds belt with its gentle Atlantic swell, Cape Verde offers perfect conditions for sailing, kite or windsurfing. The climate is tropical and dry with warm temperatures throughout the year, ranging from 24ºC to 30ºC, making the Islands of Cape Verde almost 10ºC warmer than the Canary Islands in the winter months.

There are two main seasons; the rainy season from August to October, when sudden but spectacular rainstorms can punctuate the hot sun, and the dry season from December to June when the trade winds blow with more intensity.

Figures for rainfall can be quite misleading as they are considerably different on each island. Sal, Boa Vista and São Vicente islands receive almost no rain while on some of the higher peaks on Santo Antão and Fogo there can be up to 2 meters of rainfall a year, making them lush and green.

The weather in Cape Verde also varies from island to island and within each island. In the desolate centers of the flat islands, temperatures can reach 40ºC whereas the coastal areas generally remain in the high twenties. Sea temperatures are warm enough to make swimming a real pleasure, varying between 21°C in February and March to a high of 26°C in September and October.

The ten Cape Verde Islands are a paradise hidden in the mid Atlantic Ocean, ready to offer its visitors all the beauty of its scenery, the white sandy beaches and the laid-back, friendly culture of Cape Verdean people.

Cape Verde Islands Monthly Temperature Chart

Cape Verde Monthly Temperature Chart

Thanks to the warm Cape Verde climate, the islands are increasing in popularity for tourists from all over the world but especially from Europe, where it is only a 4-6 hour flight away, is free from malaria or hurricanes, no jet lag (+1h GMT), lots of sun, miles of sand beaches and no Caribbean price tag. As can be seen from the monthly temperature chart above, the Cape Verde weather is perfect for a sun filled holiday for the whole family, any time of the year. The perfect ingredients are all there for a sunny Cape Verde Holidays.

Look at the Cape Verde Weather Forecast widget on the right column to check out the 3 day weather forecast in the capital city of Praia in Santiago Island. With those kind of temperatures, what more could you ask for?


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